Sunday, September 16, 2012

When we last left off...

So a lot has happened since I last posted here.Things of important  note I got married to my best friend and love of my life Eric=) So that is a pretty big thing. I might have to share some  pictures in this blog but most are on my Facebook. This being one of my top favorites. It was a beautiful day filled with loving friends and family. So grateful and lucky to share my life with amazing people.

We spent our Honeymoon in Paris and Rome=) Such a spectacular trip.

Paris is a place like no other. It was cold(we went in April). It rained at least a little everyday, we didn't speak even a hint of the language, we forgot all manner of proper weather clothing and it still was the most amazing experience. It is rich in history, the people we encountered were helpful and kind, the city has a wonderful transportation system that is very comprehensive. The Eiffel Tower at night is breathtaking. The French country side enchanted us. Seeing Winged Victory in all her glory brought a tear to my eye. Walking around central Paris you see a prefect mixture of old world meets modern world. The history is preserved and important. A gorgeous old building isn't torn down to build a skyscraper. It is remolded form the inside to make way for the new shops and business. I could carry on for a very long time about how much in love we are with Paris but I will spare you.....sort of.

 Love in Paris
Rome had some really great moments but overall I was very surprised by the city itself. Highlights included the Roman Coliseum. It has been something I wanted to see since I was in school studying the ancient worlds.Walking up Mount Vesuvius and looking out to see Italy. The low lights included the transit system and overall rude people.A special not should also be made that Roman graffiti is both ancient and modern and they do not go about hiding it in both cases.We took our Roman holiday in our room on May 1st and made the best of it=) We relaxed, napped and ate much like Romans=) I can get more pictures of Rome on a later post.

So much has happened in these months since I posted last months. I will try to update more promises....

Eric and I are on the look out for a home of our own, and that is a big adventure that we have barely scratched the surface of.

I hope we are up for the challenge!

Best of wishes to you and yours=)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Reading Addiction Anne Bishop

The Old Cover to the 1st Book in this series
I have a few authors that I love and will reread their series multiple times. Anne Bishop is one that I gravitate towards. I love her Black Jewels Trilogy.She created an intriguing, heart wrenching, romantic, world of darkness and social corruption. When I read it even now I yearn for justice from the society that has twisted the realms in the story. I know perfectly well the outcome and I still can't stop turning the pages. Her characters are developed chalk full of strengths and flaws. I genuinely care for the heroes and heroins. The villains are the peak of twisted, evil, and perverted . I highly recommend this series and the other novels tied to it.

The First Book in the World of the Fae

The World of The Fae starts with  Pillars of the World. Very interesting and a tragic world she created as well.I had a hard time the first time I read this picturing the Fae in such an unusual way(they are jerks).However,  I got over that detail and moved on. Wonderful story.

First book of Two

 This series is yet another dark setting but laced with hope. The second book is Belladonna which I thought was the end, but we get at least one more next year=)
Here is a link for more information.

I am done obsessing for now.  Have a great day and I hope others find as much enjoyment out of her books as I do.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Fun! A great way to finish my day!

After work it is off to Shawna and Clint's  for grilling, carving pumpkins and handing out candy to Trick or Treaters.Eric and I arrived to help get food started and decorate a little. We all got our costumes a rolling. Eric was Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. We had a minor mishap with putting the fake blood on a stain resistant shirt(does not work..well). I had worked super hard getting work stuff ready. I wanted a fun and easy costume to spend the rest of the day in so I was Liz(Shaun's girlfriend).

Shaun and Liz from Shaun of the Dead

Shawna has wanted to be Belle forever and she finally got her wish=) Only she could get a kids costume and rock it like she did. So cute and way less slutty than most(close to all adult lady costumes).
Belle aka Shawna
Her husband Clint decided to rock a controversial but funny costume. Hipster Hitler which is a web based thing. He tells us it is funny and looking at the costume makes me believe him.
To Hip Hipster Hitler.
We had our friends John and Kensey stop by sporting two Tarantino characters you might recognize.
Mr Pink and Mia Wallace.
We handed out candy, ate burgers, and carved pumpkins. We watched the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown twice.

Eric had never carved a pumpkin which is why we wanted to make sure this was fixed as soon as possible. I do not remember them being that much work...but they are=P Pumpkin carving action!

My Pumpkin didn't stand a chance=P

Never trust Hitler with a knife..even if he is hip.

Pumpkin Violence!

This face said to me that John might be sorry he killed it.

Shawna getting its guts out!

Our final products! I decided to carve the sorting hat! Eric did the repaper.

My pumpkin! I call him the Sorting Hat!

Eric's first pumpkin! the reaper.

Shawna's Cat Bat=)

Clint's pumpkin!

Johns Pumpkin!
Kensey's Pumpkin!
We had a really great night! We all have had lots going on so it has been almost impossible to all get together.I am super grateful for my friends. and all the adventure we have together. On that note I say good day=)
Eric and I snuggling by the pumpkins<3

Halloween Fun! Part Deux!

Welcome Back!
We took lots of fun pics for this-P

I still have one or two more pictures form our branch but I also  wanted to share some photos from the other branches in Lubbock(I snagged from work). I wish I could have actually gone to see what everyone else cooked up for Halloween theme of villains but there are 12 other branches and our ops center. Needless to say I am super happy they shared these with everyone!

Lady X helped us out lots on decorations. She had fun making her own mark on our branch=)

Lady X left her mark!

The Boss and Lady X
No here are a few from around this crazy town of ours!These are from one of my favorite branches Boston=)

Some awesome Disney Villains!

I am told they had a spooky forest theme going on.
Downtown branch! Scary stuff!Love the Henchmen 1,and 2=)
The Quaker and MSF Branch transformed their branch into an old west town!
Zombie Dungeon...scary.Not sure why the Count is there though...=P

We tied for First with Downtown,Quaker and Deposit Support! Though really everyone did a great job and seemed to have fun!Here are some more.
The Mall branch rocking some Disney Villains!
Covenant group where Hamburglars! Adorable!
I am pretty sure this group was from Main Bank=/ Love it though!

 These guys are from the Southwest Branch. They are cinema villains. Lots of variety from them as well.

Kill Bill Ladies! Love it!
Thelma and Louise..and yes those are men...
Terminater Fabian.

That wraps up my day at work. I had a very crazy day. After all that we had a date with little trick or treaters and friends=)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Fun! Work Edition Part 1

Our Sin City
So I adore working a company that loves Halloween as much as I do=) Our zany CEO gives us all a theme to make our own. My branch chose Mobsters and we did a bang up job if I do say so myself! 
Mobster Me!

Our Decor Rocked!We had A Skelton Card Dealer,craps table,wanted posters, spider webs,signs, hanging stars to go with our 3D city and skyline. It was a lot of work to pull off believe me! It was way worth it. I also have a few pictures form other branches and a glimpse of thier hard work. We tied for 1st place with three other branches this year=)
Bones our card dealer!

Craps Table
Our entry sign and wanted posters.

Foggy Branch

They ran the fog machine a little to much...mostly because it triggered the smoke alarms=P
Mo or Ace X

3D Buildings!

Crazy awesome
 branch=) Some more of our silly mobster fun.
Kensey, me and Summer.
Hanging with Mo aka Ace X

Looking tough..

 That is the wrap up of our branch. I will post the other branches in a few. Join me in part two of this epic Halloween work day!